Activity Stream

The main goal of the project is to reduce the mortality rates in the EMR region by increasing the rate of bystander resuscitation with an established network of volunteers. Following the activities of the volunteers and the different components of the network can easily become a time consuming and disorienting task. With this in mind, we have deployed a web application to provide a quick and easy way to get an overview of these activities. The EMuRgencly Activity Stream receives the input from the different components of the project and presents it as an social awareness stream. This system enables people from the project to share activities and information with different types of contacts by embedding them in the different tools from the project (e.g., this website, the Volunteer Notification System, or the network of public displays). The current version of the Activity Stream presents the registration of new AEDs, the inclusion of new volunteers, new resources shared, and registered cardiac arrest cases. The contact person for this service is Gonzalo Parra (KU Leuven). Please use the contact form to gein touch with consortium members.