Tools & Services

Tools & Services Overview

The project activities are based on latest innovations in science and technology. Within the 6 activities of the project a number of technical, educational or social innovations are developed and evaluated in interdisciplinary teams. The Volunteer-Notification-System (VNS) will allow the fast and efficient notification of volunteers nearby a cardiac arrest. An E-Learning Open Educational Resource (OER) is developed on three different levels and in 4 languages allowing institutions to reduce face-to-face training time and to train large numbers in basic CPR skills and knowledge. Mobile learning apps are developed that help to increase retention times and to provide in-situ information to bystanders. A serious gaming approach is developed and evaluated that is specifically focusing on increasing self-efficacy. Mass trainings in secondary schools in the region are conducted to ensure that the knowledge and skills about cardiac arrest and resuscitation are increasing in the coming generations. A display network is maintained to support the efficient management of public displays to increase awareness about cardiac arrest. A number of training videos is developed that can be used for awareness raising and short training. A platform to locate and store locations of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) is developed and enriched with data. Approaches to visualize public health data are developed and tested. If you want to learn more about the work conducted in the project please use the navigation on the left.